My Top 10 Most Nostalgic Videogames


I’ve been on a countdown and top 10 type of kick lately;  I think I’ve been reading a little too much at, but I came up with this idea last week when it was raining and I had nothing to do in my apartment.  Booted up some old videogames, and got to thinking about all the older games that remind me of different times in my life or have a particular meaning to me, for one reason or another.  This certainly isn’t a list of the games that I think are the greatest in the world, though a few are, simply the games that I look back on and have a nice memory attached to them.  Most of these games are games everyone knows, but I’ll add a little backstory as to why I look back fondly on these games, and how they will always have a small 8-bit size part of my heart.


A smaller home button would help the screen stand out.

The iPhone 5 Cometh


I’m a nerd.  And a dork.  Plus a little geeky.  Most people that know me know this.  Additionally, these traits are usually somewhat requisite in order to be a huge Apple fan.  I know Apple comes off as “cool”, but the people that are buying Apple products because they’re cool more than anything aren’t true nerdy, geeky, dorky Apple fans.  But I digress.  I have been actively following the news, rumors, and speculation regarding the next iPhone, because my iPhone 3G is wheeling around in a nursing home.  It’s on it’s last legs and I intend to get the next iPhone when it is released.  So here are some of my thoughts and predictions about what we can expect from the next iPhone. (more…)


My Top Man Crushes


EVERY guy has a man crush.  Even if he won’t admit it.  I mean absolutely nothing sexual here, it’s just a funny term for those guys whose career you follow the most.  I would say in most cases a person’s man crushes are athletes, but I guess it can certainly be an actor, or even less likely still a politician.  I think in order to prevent people from going all willy nilly declaring an abundance of man crushes let me lay down some ground rules and observations before I list mine.

First and foremost, a man crush cannot be a “jumping on the bandwagon” type of thing.  You can’t say, “Oh I really like so and so a lot, now that he’s doing well”, and then drop them when their career hits a bump or they leave your favorite team. No.  You must continue to support him, after he has left your team.  A few exceptions to this would be if the circumstances of leaving were negative, AND the negativity was caused or created by the individual.  If a player gets traded, I understand.  Bad year and gets released?  Stick with your guy.  Alienates an entire team by making a spectacle of where he will be next year?  I don’t fault you if you drop your man crush then.  I’m looking at you Lebron and Favre.  That being said however, I won’t fault you for sticking with him through all that as well.

Without further ado, my top five man crushes:



My Earliest Baseball Memories


When I was young, baseball wasn’t my favorite sport.  In fact, games used to seem to take seven hours.  My Dad would watch Cubs games and I swear, games started at noon and didn’t end till dinner.  That has changed now, and I follow baseball pretty adamantly, but my memories as a kid were few and far between.  I would say I didn’t start to actually be more than an average baseball fan until I began playing fantasy baseball in 2006.  Prior to that I was a fair weather fan, going back to about the Cubs in the playoffs in 2003, and prior to that, as a kid, most of my memories were when I was actually at games, or from baseball cards, or from watching games with my Dad.  (more…)


Advice From Joe


Blogging is very much a love/hate relationship, and lately it has been leaning towards the hate side.  My biggest problem is regularly writing stuff.  This wasn’t always a problem but I’ll explain why it is now.

When I first started writing randomness in 2008 (2007?) , there was the newness factor to it all.  Wow, I have a website!  Super neato gang!  That “newness” fueled a lot of my early posting and I felt like I had a lot of material to write about.

At some point however, I just stopped caring.  Not that I’m a debbie downer or went into some sort of depression, but honestly, who cares?  I write a post about trying a new Thai recipe, or deciding between two pairs of running shoes.  Who cares!?  I wouldn’t read about someone else posting this so why would someone else.  At this point, about 2009, I became less and less interested in posting because my posts weren’t interesting. (more…)

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